August 6 and 7th, 2022 || From 9:00a.m. to 4:30p.m. || Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico, Teatro Bertita y Guillermo L. Martínez, Sala Jesús María Sanromá









Video Game Music Con, Puerto Rico is a 2-day event dedicated to the creation of video game music.

If you've ever wanted to write music for your favorite games, this is your chance to start!

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We are pleased to present an exciting roster of speakers that ranges from composers and sound designers to video game developers with years of experience working in the industry.

Our primary keynotes and talks will be led by veteran video game music composer Tom Salta (Halo: Spartan Assault, PUBG, Deathloop). Salta will also be listening and critiquing music submitted by attendees during the first-ever Game Audio Demo Derby in Puerto Rico!

Tom Salta is one of the most versatile and prolific music artists/producers working in film, television, advertising and video games, as well as an ASCAP award-winning and BAFTA nominated composer.

Renowned for crafting emotionally engaging soundtracks for multimedia, Salta has received widespread industry acclaim for his world-class produced hybrid scores featured in film, television and video games such as Arkane Studios’ DEATHLOOP, Microsoft’s iconic HALO series (Best Original Soundtrack Award at Game Developers Conference), as well as the epic theme music for the record-breaking online multiplayer game PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS, which has sold in excess of 70 million units with over 700 million players.

Josué Vera is a Puerto Rican multimedia composer based in NYC.

His work aims to support and highlight the narrative structure in different mediums, like film, podcasts, and video games. Vera’s music can be heard in games such as “Sokoban Alchemist” (Williams Xue) and “Mad Mind Battles” (Juny Studio). He is currently completing his Master’s degree in Screen Scoring at NYU Steinhardt.

Dannyellis Meléndez Rivera is a composer, guitarist and educator based in Puerto Rico.

Being a jazz guitarist before delving into media composing, her music is both versatile and diverse, bringing any story to life through a distinct blend of styles. Meléndez is actively working as a video game composer. As a member of LED Development Studios, she has composed music for the games “Slippery Penguin” and “Manny The Super Manatee”.

Juan Cruz is a composer and violinist based in Puerto Rico.

His compositions aim to combine orchestral textures with modern and diverse sound elements. Cruz works as a freelance session violinist and video game music producer. Some video game projects he has been involved with include “Acorn” (Autumn Game Jam, 2021) and “Perro Rescue” (Global Game Jam, 2021).

Roberto Ledesma is a Puerto Rican game developer and the founder of LED Development Studios.

Better known as "El Miyamoto Boricua", Roberto Ledesma had the desire to see beyond how a video game looked and interacted on the television screen while you pressed the control button since he was a child. With the desire to develop video games and interactive experiences, he founded LED DEVELOPMENT STUDIOS, a studio dedicated to the development of Video Games established in Puerto Rico. His vision for the future is unique and he believes that we can all achieve our dreams regardless of the obstacles. Some of his works include: Manny the Super Manatee, Slippery Penguin, LED Adventure, Mayor Flood, and others.

For the past ten years, Jonathan Martínez Vázquez has worked as Creative Director, Lead Game Designer and Video Game Consultant on multiple projects, with a demonstrated history of working in the video game development industry in Puerto Rico. Currently, he is the Co-Founder, C.E.O and Creative Director of 8bit Bosses Studios, as well as Professor of video game design at the Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Bayamón Campus. He also works closely with the community as president of the board for the Puerto Rico Game Developers Association (PRGDA)


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Resources to help you jump-start your career as a video game music composer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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One ticket is $35 (tax rates may apply). The ticket gives you access to both days of the con, giveaways, the Attendee's Lounge on our Discord server, and much more!

All of the talks will be in the Puerto Rico Music Conservatory of Miramar. The theater is called Teatro Bertita y Guillermo L. Martínez, and the room is Sala Jesús María Sanromá.

The talks will start at 9am on August 6th, with a lunch break at 12pm and a coffee break at 3pm. The main talks end at 5pm, followed by some live music! August 7th will run with the same schedule.

Everything related to music for videogames will be covered! Topics ranging from music production, to implementation of the music into the games. We will also have a few game development talks where you can learn more about the way videogames work.

Think of the Demo Derby as a live masterclass, where a professional composer listens to your music and gives you feedback/valuable advice. It's an amazing opportunity to grow as a composer!

First you have to get a ticket to the con. After that, leave us your email in the Demo Derby section of our website. You will receive a welcome email with instructions and a form you can fill out to participate!

There won't be lunch served at the event, however, there will be snacks and coffee (served during the evening break). If you're curious about what there is to eat in the area, join our Discord server and ask! There are lots of great places to eat around the Conservatory.

We have a brand-new Discord server where you can join our community of composers, sound designers and game developers! Click the link to join. You can also reach us through our email: [email protected]

Have you already made some of your own music? Get it reviewed by a world-class composer.

We are very excited to announce that the first-ever Game Audio Demo Derby will be held right here in Puerto Rico during Video Game Music Con... And you could have a chance of participating!

A ticket to the con gives you the chance to submit your work to us, and possibly be chosen to receive live feedback from composer Tom Salta!

Our Demo Derby is the opportunity you've been waiting for!

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